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Be Lit & Rub My Friend -Scented Massage Candle

Be […] My Friend

This sophisticated massage candle provides the ultimate combination
of ingredients to relieve stress after a busy day. Pure extracts of
calming lavender, orange and sandalwood Let your worries melt.
Cocoa butter, almond oil, vitamine A and vitamine E have been com-
bined to create an enviably soft skin and a superior relaxation
Our massage candles, enriched with natural herbal ingredients,
help to stimulate your mood and your senses, while using the power
of massage to heal and revitalize. Relax and free your body and
mind by escaping the pressure of the day.
Our massage candles come with a brush to apply as soon as the wax
has melted at body temperature. use the wax as an oil to massage.
the warming essential oils help to spread a comforting feeling whi-
le caring for your skin and releasing your tensions

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